Sergey Bilovytskyy's Personal Site


Hello, I am a Ukrainian-American student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed electronics and software, which has shaped where my passions are and how I spend lots of my free time. My academic interest in Physics started in Middle School, stemming from wanting to know how things work at a deeper level. This passion for wanting to know how things work has pushed my programming to primarily focus on embedded/ bare-metal environments. In these environments, I don't need to focus on libraries but I can make the tools I need which I find enjoyable and have contributed significantly to my knowledge of these systems.

I have experience with x86_64 Assembly (some 32-bit ARM), C, Python, Go, C++, C#, Java, Javascript. Scripting languages that I know are POSIX compliant shell, zsh, bash, as well as some basic knowledge of R, Windows Batch, and Powershell. The markup languages I have familiarity with are LaTeX, HTML, and Markdown. One esoteric language I know is IEC 61131-3 Structured Text when I was working on a Schweitzer Real Time Automation Controller for a Public Utility.

I am also the founder of Sergey Bilovytskyy Research Labs.

Russian Aggression Against Ukraine

I stand with Ukraine and my heart goes out to Ukraine's populus, my friends, and my compatriots. Russian military action is an act of war that we want no part of, but we shall defend ourselves to the very end.