Sergey Bilovytskyy's Personal Site


Hello, I am a Ukrainian-American student with a Bachelor of Science in both Physics and Mathematics and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Physics. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed electronics and software, which has shaped where my passions are and how I spend lots of my free time. My academic interest in Physics started in Middle School, stemming from wanting to know how things work at a deeper level. This passion for wanting to know how things work has pushed my programming to primarily focus on embedded/ bare-metal environments. In these environments, I don't need to focus on libraries but I can make the tools I need which I find enjoyable and have contributed significantly to my knowledge of these systems.

I have experience with x86_64 Assembly, 32-bit ARM Assembly, C, Python, Go, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, and the list goes on. Scripting languages that I know are POSIX compliant shell, zsh, bash, Powershell, Windows Batch, as well as some basic knowledge of R. The markup languages I have familiarity with are LaTeX, HTML, and Markdown. One esoteric language I know is IEC 61131-3 Structured Text when I was working on a Schweitzer Real Time Automation Controller for a Public Utility.

I am also the founder of Sergey Bilovytskyy Research Labs.

Apart from my studies, I also have started to explore speedrunning TLoZ LA and LAS. Currently, I am working my way through playing them without spoilers. I plan on posting times from a physical GameBoy DMG console rather than an emulator so that the leaderboard can have at least one original console time. I also have just finished restoring my fathers old COLECO VISION and may look into building an RF demodulator so that I can hook it up to a composite source rather than an antenna port on the TV. One future project I am also planning on is building a MiSTer FPGA console so that I can play old games on a physical device rather than an emulator. In the past, I have worked on FPGA projects and built a von Neumann architecture CPU and simple state machines in Verilog.